Saturday, November 29, 2008

Off Road Jeep Trip in AZ

4 Jeeps went a trailing.... up above Superior AZ... they got up to 5000 Ft. and into some clouds. Roger reports the trip took about 6 hours to go 37 miles... From the photo below you can see some of the 'good' trail.

Views from the 'top'.. off into the valley, Roger said they saw Superior down there somewhere. Weather was pretty nice and many folks were out enjoying the desert. Lots of folks use this BLM land, trucks, 4 wheelers, m/cycles, ATVs, crawling all over the place.
The last photo was taken early in the ride, you can see the clouds beyond. As I said, these are 'bouncing' good times and good friends.

obviously, they are on ... happy trails...
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Thanksgiving in Casa Grande

22 close friends got together for a fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner Thurs. afternoon. We had planned to eat out doors - the weather had been so great all week - but of course a thunder storm rolled in and we all moved inside to Max and Andy Anderson's park model. It's amazing how many people can crowd in together and have such a good time. Remember, some of these folks have been cooking for 50 yrs or more, and the food was really GOOD!

Our hostess Max at the head of the table cooked a great turkey, and below you can see we all made quick work of all the delicious side dishes!. I confess I had never had 'scolloped corn", or dressing with dried cranberries before. Let me tell you, I HAVE to have those recipes. I am not showing the dessert counter, as it was empty by the time I got the camera out.

Friday Roger went 'jeeping' with friends in the AZ mountains, for a full day of bouncing around. I stayed home and read, napped and had good

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving... we all have so much to be grateful for...

til next time, happy trails...
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

San Jose visit 11/10/08

Here we are parked at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds in San Jose CA. This site was away from the main rv parking.. we sort of had our own personal site. You can see the arch to the fairgrounds in the background. The fairgrounds gave us a weekly rate, with full hookups. The only distraction was the music fests held on Saturday night in one of the fairground buildings. This wasn't really a hardship though, and we had no problems. They also had a 24 hour security patrol, and we were parked right near the ATM machines!

Another view of our set up. You can see we are not surrounded by rigs. We were the only ones there! Now in another park of the fairgrounds there is quite a rv-park, which was pretty full with carnival workers etc. So our reclusive site was great.

Oh yeah, there is also a motorcross track at the fairgrounds which was open on Sunday. Again, this was not close to us and we really didn't hear much noise. They looked like they were having a great time though.

Here I am with our son Lance. We were in San Jose to play nurse after he had some surgery. Course being young and healthy, he didn't need much care, so all my Florence Nightengale dreams didn't last long. He has a great support system of friends who are pitching in while he recuperates.

On Sunday we had dinner with my daughter Lisa and her family. Double Treat! Got to see all the 'kids' this trip!

Here are Lisa and her husband Bill, head of their fabulous clan...

Dave and Vienna (granddaughter) on the left below and Hannah and Lacey with my brother Buzz to the right. We had a wonderful time and visit. We are so proud of the California side of the family (and the Washington side too, of course). Hannah graduates in June and we'll be Back!!!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Desert Palms Resort, Salome, AZ

We stayed at the Desert Palms Golf and RV resort on our way to San Jose, CA Here is photo of the 'palms' at sunset. This is a nice park, tho the golf isn't available until mid November. It is a very nice course, wide open - this part of AZ isn't noted for it's big bushy trees. We'd like to come back and stay a bit when golf is available. Each lot is wider than the usual rv lot, so room so be comfortable and NOT in your neighbors lap.

Here is a shot of the golf course and water hazard. I loved the mountains in the background. Since I wasn't golfing, I could have been painting, but I didn't do that either.

Our rig at sunset. We were early to the season here so there are lots of open spaces. We were in the 'overnighters' section, so not as much space but full hookups, tho no cable tv and wifi was $.

One more shot of those mountains. Lot sunlight in the afternoons made for some wonderful views. You can walk from your site to the clubhouse and golf course from anywhere in this park. They also have a nice pitch and putt set up in the middle of the park, no charge. Golf of course is a different matter.

It has been fun to see different parks and areas as we travel. I have a big map book and mark with yellow marker our routes. Many crisscross but the 'road less travelled' add to the adventure.

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